A lot of ipsec tunnels and some little problems.

  • I am trying 1.3 as multipoint peer for 12 ipsec tunnels (all remote peers are cisco 877k9 routers) :

    11 tunnels have dynamic ip and I am using enable dpd 30 seconds 5 retry in pfsense phase1 config and crypto isakmp keepalive 30 5 periodic in the cisco routers.
    (the other option than periodic is on demand
      on-demand  When using Dead Peer Detection (DPD), send DPD messages only as needed
      periodic  When using Dead Peer Detection (DPD), send periodic DPD messages)

    1 tunnel has fixed ip and I noticed that if (in pfsense side) I set Peer identifier peer ip address the phase1 never end while setting it to ip address 81.123.x.x (that is the remote peer ip) it works. (that ip is the same in the remote gateway )

    Another strange thing is the keepalive that seems not to work.
    Tunnels go up only when I do a ping from the firewall, I lost 1 ping and than I see reply, I can do ping without the -S option because I added a route 192.168/16 to the lan, remote subnets are inside that route.

    any idea to keep the vpns alive ?



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