Routing a select few PUBLIC IPs over IPSEC

  • Here is my configuration
    IPSEC VPN from Main office( to Branch Office(
    Tunnel is up and passing traffic.
    At Branch Office public addresses are being accessed via WAN
    Main Office has a IPSEC VPN to some PUBLIC IP address I'll use one for example.

    I need the Branch office to reach via the IPSEC tunnel install of internet.
    The VPN has tunnels for the desired public IPs established

    but pfsense doesn't show them

    The MAIN office Router has the routes in place because I can ping thru/via my core switch
    Main office router is a Sophos.. i've used Sophos RED units on other Branch offices and they connect fine to Vendor's IPs over their VPNs.

    Much thanks in advance

  • Resolved.. i cleared out the IPSec configure.. in the process discovered i had a typo in the address in the sophos side.