Segregate host override in DNS resolver

  • Hi,

    I have safe youtube enabled through host over-ride in DNS resolver as per the link

    I have 3 NIC card where its divided in WAN,LAN and OPT1

    How can i divide the host override so that it only lets safe youtube search to work on LAN and normal youtube on OPT1.

    I am using DNS resolver and also use pfblockerng, which i do not want to loose, as to my understanding pfblockerng will not work without DNS resolver.
    Can i do host override for only LAN or can i have 2 instances of DNS resolver running where i can add host override and not add any overrides,

    I am hoping somebody can help me with this.

    thank you very much,

  • Banned

    Nope, no such thing. BIND with views perhaps.