Newbie to pfsense setting up routed IP

  • Hope I posted to the right forum.

    I am new to pfSense so please be kind.

    I have setup pfSense but I need help setting up routing so please see below IP address have been changed to protect the config.

    This part is setup in pfSense and works fine.

    WAN address is - Network - unusable - Default gateway to our up stream provider. - Our pfSense WAN port. - Broadcast - unusable


    pfSense LAN IP =

    This is the part I am not sure on how to setup
    I have a routed subnet. which I need to NAT to servers. - Network - unusable - NAT to ports 25,80,443 - - NAT to ports 3389 - - spare - spare - spare - spare - Broadcast - unusable


    all workstations should be able to browse the internet from - 253

    Please help me get the second part working.

  • I figured it out my by watching

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