• Hi

    My pfSense box is configured as :

    PORT3 OPT1 - wireless AP
    PORT4 OPT4 - NAS

    Each interface has it's own IP Range, there are restrictions LAN <-> Wifi and the NAS is completely isolated with no access to/from the LAN & Wifi

    The NAS is accessed by an IPSEC VPN.. The VPN is set to connect to OPT2 and is restricted to accessing the NAS.

    The above is working fine.

    My query is the bandwidth being reported on OPT2.

    Looking at Status / Interfaces for OPT2 I get:

    In/out packets
    334298183/240559646 (325.01 GiB/178.06 GiB)
    In/out packets (pass)
    334298183/240559646 (325.01 GiB/178.06 GiB)

    Yet the firewall rule for OPT only shows States as 0/53.27GB
    and IPSec shows as  0/22.25GB

    Shouldn't they match the values shown in the interface ? or am I miss reading this ?