Help setting up port forwarding

  • Hey i am running pfsens 2.3.2 community edition and i have tryed to forward thes ports : UDP 1500, 3005, 3101, 28960 and TCP: 27015  and i have faild to do so can anyone help

    (I have put an exaple of port 21 in the attachments)

    -thx Harald

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    Have you added a firewall rule on the WAN interface ?

    Your NAT is going nowhere without it.

    Also you don't need the LAN port forward.

  • Get rid of the LAN NAT forward.

    Post a screenshot of your WAN firewall rules.

  • @chpalmer:

    Get rid of the LAN NAT forward.

    Post a screenshot of your WAN firewall rules.

    her you ga
    and thx to alle helpers

    ![firefall pfsense.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/firefall pfsense.png)
    ![firefall pfsense.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/firefall pfsense.png_thumb)

  • In your first post, you list all these ports, yet in your images you only show FTP.  FTP is a special case when it comes to forwarding.  What is it exactly that you are trying to do, and what exactly happened when you tested it?

  • i have somme applications whitch realay one p2p to function witch is only posible if i have open ports

  • It's usually an easy thing to create a NAT port forward.  The required firewall rule is automatically created for you unless you have told pfSense not to do so.  When testing your forward, you really should use a device on WAN like your mobile phone when it's not on your wifi.  Don't test from LAN or you will potentially run into reflection problems.  Have you gone through the port forward troubleshooting guide?

  • her is a completed version (I test the ports[Whith my telephone] non of the show up as open)

  • i stil have no ideea how to set porforwarding up help  :(

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    Did you read the port forward doc?  Did you look into the troubleshooting doc?

    As already mentioned ftp is bit of a odd ball.  There are 2 channels in ftp, control and data - and different modes active and passive.  What exactly are you testing?  FTP or one of those other port forwards?  How are you testing?  go to and put in one of the ports.  Does it show open there?  Is pfsense public on its wan, or is it behind a nat?

    Port forwarding is really 2 seconds, and not really all that different than any soho router.  Post up your wan rules as well.  If your trying to make ftp work then need to know are you clients using active or passive?  And what are you lan rules if the connection is active?  If passive then you would have to forward the passive ports you set your server to use.

    Here to help but going to need more info!!  Your posting of your forwards is a good start - but that forward using your lan interface is wrong!

    Also per the troubleshooting doc - you sure not running firewall on the box your forwarding too, correct IP, etc. etc.

  • thx for the respose but i was just test it whit 21 i realy only need the other ports

    I am testing my ports by taking my telephone disconecting it from wlan and going on a port testing site

  • her is the firewall


    ![fiewalle #.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/fiewalle #.PNG)
    ![fiewalle #.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/fiewalle #.PNG_thumb)

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    "it from wlan and going on a port testing site "

    So your going to a port testing site from your phone??  That wouldn't work - it would be testing your phones IP for those ports ;)

    So your wan rules show some hits on 21 and 27015..  But no current states - so something hit those rules.. Which could mean where your forwarding is not listening, or firewalled or not even the correct IP.. Or pfsense can not talk to it, etc.

    Go through the port troubleshooting doc..  All the info needed to figure out what your doing wrong is in there.. It really takes all of couple of minutes to find the problem.  Either the traffic is not even getting to pfsense, or the client is not listening or has its own firewall, not using pfsense as its gateway - or your sending to the wrong IP, etc.

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