FreeRadius2 Package Mac OS keeps asking to trust certificate.

  • Hey guys!

    Kind of new here.. Never posted.

    I've been using pfsense for w little while now but recently i started using the freeradius2 package. I wasnt able to get windows 10 users to authenticate but thats not so much of a problem since no one in our office uses a PC. All of our macs are able to authenticate but then it asks the user to accept the certificate every time it reconnects. I have already tried setting the certificate to always trust with no luck. The certificate is set to expire in 2027 so I dont think thats a problem. I dont really mind authenticating without certificates if thats an option. A simple username and password would suffice.

    Thank you everyone!!

  • Banned

    Hmmm? I don't think there're really anything different here, the CA that issued the certificate needs to be trusted.

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