How to shape all iCloud traffic?

  • I live in Australia where data upload speeds are highly restrictive - I have 2.4mbps upload only.

    When I plug in iOS devices such as iphones and ipads into the charger, my upstream bandwidth is fully consumed as they backup to the iCloud. I'd like to de-prioritise all iCloud traffic so that any other traffic gets priority and doesn't impact latency. Alternatively, if prioritisation isn't the right approach, then shape it.

    The problem I have is that pfsense doesn't support layer 7 and therefore can't detect what is iCloud traffic and what is not.  Secondly, as Apple outsource their iCloud infrastructure to Amazon, the IP address ranges are near impossible to determine as they are all over the world.

    Has anyone else looked into this and found a solution?

  • Yeah, I'd like to see a simple solution to this as well.

    For now, I just cap the iOS device's upload to like 40%.

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