C2000 issue or something else?

  • I've also posted this on Reddit so apologies if you read both!

    So my RCC-VE 2440 just stopped responding. Appeared to be passing traffic but no web-gui or SSH.

    Rebooted the unit, lights do the normal boot-up dance, red to green to flashing SATA light except the unit never comes back up.

    Bust out the laptop and connect to the serial port but can't get anything, further reboots confirm not even the POST stuff is being shown on the serial port.

    Left the power out for about 30 seconds and tried again, still nothing on the serial port but also the status LED doesn't go green now either and stays red!

    Bit worrying as this is my oldest unit (personal one) and I have lots of various c2000 based units (mainly pfSense branded versions) out in the wild with clients in remote and hard to reach locations!

    Any ideas?


  • Yes… start calling and warning your clients about it.

  • I had a similar isdue when enabling the ipSec dashboard widget on my 2220. Traffic and Ipsec was still working, but no webgui.
    In your case - is it possible that a dirty shutdown had screwed something up?
    I used to work a lot through serial consoles which were tempermental at time… how about sending a few 'break' signals?

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