Pfsense queries

  • Hello All,

    I am a new user of PF sense & I want to add new rules in my PF Sense

    • Presenting I am using captive portal service for running user base network &  I want to when user login on portal he can use only those sites which are allow him from PF sense & blocked other websites automatically will not work.

    • I want to assign bandwidth limit  & usage to every users.

    • I want to see the user’s website visit log by user base. Currently IP base web log is available but I want user base website log.

    Thanks & regards

  • I would suggest that you post your questions in one of the many support forums here.  Perhaps start with the Captive Portal forum?

  • Thanks for reply. It is help full for me

    one more thing i want to ask that what i think is that possible in pf sense?

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