Multiple VM's for couple IP's

  • At the moment I am moving to virtualization of machines using Proxmox and pfsense hosted on a remote server.

    I have pfsense installed with a WAN of something like 198.X.X.53/30 (one of the two Ip addressing available to me)
    And a have a LAN setup as

    Now I already talk to a couple other and they were giving me the run around of which method should be used.

    I would like to know what the proper way of setting up the network so that services such as Websites, Servers, Services can all be routed from the LAN out of the WAN to be served.

    I've had one person say to use a NAT 1:1 connection using the same MAC address across all public IP's and defining the connection between a host ( and my other IP 174.X.X.13/30 to allow it to talk to the outside world.

    Is that the best method to be used here? Is there a better method where only one IP is needed for the network?

    I am new to both proxmox and pfsense and don't want to start off with bad practices. As well as I can order more IP's I believe to see others doing it with just 1.

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