Borrow and Guarantee Bandwidth per Interface

  • Hello,

    my setup:

    WAN (100/100Mb)
    |          |          |
    Top1  Top2    Top3

    Top1 pays for 30Mb
    Top2 pays for 50Mb
    Top3 pays for 20Mb

    Currently I have a simple CBQ shaping setup with the borrow option enabled, but that only allows me to upload with 100Mb (if available) and download with the paid bandwidth.
    As far as I know, I simple need to create a bridge with Top1-3 as member and apply the shaper to the bridge, but my problem is, that top1-3 are defined as Vlan and I have no other option except vlan.
    So I tried enabling the bridge and also set the pf filter option for the bridge in tunables but it does not seem that the bridge get the traffic.

    Any idea what I made wrong?

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