Client Request DHCP another interface

  • Hi eveybody,
    I have a problem as:
    My Pfsense has 3 NICs card.
      - NIC 1: Use for WAN connection
      - NIC 2: Use for LAN connection ( DHCP range <–-------------- Dont use Wifi devices
      - NIC 3: Use for Wifi connection ( DHCP range <---------- Only use for Wifi devices

    Sometime client (mobile) connect to wifi, but it request to LAN DHCP and alert wrong network. then it request to DHCP Wifi
    Detail log

    Feb 22 16:11:02 dhcpd DHCPREQUEST for from ec:35:86:19:0e:xx (Owners-iPhone) via em2: wrong network.
    Feb 22 16:11:02 dhcpd DHCPNAK on to ec:35:86:19:0e:xx via em2
    Feb 22 16:11:04 dhcpd DHCPREQUEST for from ec:35:86:19:0e:xx via em2
    Feb 22 16:11:04 dhcpd DHCPACK on to ec:35:86:19:0e:89 (Owners-iPhone) via em2

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Clients will typically request the address they had before when connecting to a network. It doesn't mean there is a problem, since they will get rejected and then send a new request to get a new address. It's a common behavior for DHCP clients to want to keep the same address if possible.

    Now if they actually obtained an address for the wrong network, then you might have some cause to worry since it means you have an L2 connection between the segments so they're actually on the same switch segment which isn't what you want. That doesn't appear to be the case from what little you've shown in the log at least.

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