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  • Of course this is possible with pfSense, but you may need to invest time (and money) to make it work properly.

    In my experience, most WIFI adapters won't work (properly) in pfSense. I guess this is because of the FreeBSD base. FreeBSD doesn't seem to support WIFI adapters as good as for example Linux.

    The solution I'm using is to use WIFI routers in "Client Mode", and use the LANs of these routers as WANs in pfSense (this means "Double NAT", which isn't a real problem IMO). My setup is working like this: one ADSL line (main WAN), and two TP-Link Archer C7 v2 with DD-WRT in Client Mode as Load Balance/Failover WANs. All of these are connected to a switch with seperate VLANs for LAN and each WAN. In pfSense several Gateway Groups are setup to utilize the different WANs, and traffic is forwarded to these Gateway Groups with firewall rules. The system is working very well, but it's a rather complicated (and expensive) setup because of the many different devices involved. On the plus side, it's easy to change the WIFI networks the routers connect to, or swap the routers for other models (3G/4G routers for instance).

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