Is it possible to make traffic graphs show in bits/s instead of bytes/s?

  • I just upgraded to 2.3.3 and overall I like the new traffic graphs, but on the Status > Traffic Graphs page it will only show bytes/s on the graph.  I prefer to see bits/s. (To be clear, I don't think bytes/s is a bad idea; I just think we should have a choice.) Is there a simple way to get it to show in bits/s?

    The new graph actually appears to support this, since it gives the option on the dashboard widget (which works perfectly).

  • In 2.4, you click the Config wrench and change the Unit Size.  I'm not running 2.3.3 just yet.  Is this control not available in the 2.3.3 traffic graph?

  • The dashboard widget does have that option, and it works fine. I can confirm that the graph is showing bits/s, even though it is using a capital B in the label.

    The Status > Traffic Graphs page does not have that option though. It shows the individual bandwidths for each host in bits/s, but the graph is entirely in bytes/s.

    I tested this by running an internet speed test while the graph was running and there was practically no other load on the network. Then I compared the results of the test to the relevant portion of the graph.  For all practical purposes, the graph was an exact match for my throughput in bytes/s.

    I'd like to be able to have the widget's units setting also available on the status page. Would this be something that's coming in 2.4?

  • OK, thanks.  You would think they would instantiate the same graph in the same way in both views.

  • Yes I noticed this after upgraded to 2.3.3 tonight as well. Please allow the traffic graph to use bits as the dashboard widget!

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