Carp and Openvpn (SLAVE)

  • Hello guys!
    Good Morning!

    Well, I have a situation that I use CARP and OPENVPN.

    Okay, they work.
    However in Slave the openvpn service is "UP" and vpn "DOWN".

    I believe that the slave is in the vpn down and the service is also down, so when he (slave) is going to take over as master, he uploads the vpn services and thus running and the vpns getting up too.

    I searched a lot about it, but to no avail. Any susgestión of what it is, if it is some configuration?


  • Curious about this too. So is it normal that the OpenVPN is in "service not running" state on the slave? I also get a lot of "TCP:FPA" packets in my firewall log (from the OpenVPN vpn clients).

  • That, he gets the service down. I will run some tests on the new version and test this. I pass the feedback later.

  • +1

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