Pfsense as a Gateway for Internet services

  • Hello,

    I am very new to Pfsense and we are trying to use it for Internet services gateway to our internal network. Right now we are using Linux Servers as gateway and squid as proxy.

    Actually the requirement to replace the current linux gateway is to implement the website blocking and filtering which seems easy in Pfsense.

    All went good but i stuck on one implementation now.

    We have multiple IP series setup in our network and to provide internet to various subnets we assigned multiple IPs to Linux gateway as Virtual IP on LAN ethernet (eth1:1, eth1:2 etc…)

    But now in Pfsense, i am not able to do so. I tried with setup route, NAT and VIP but no luck.

    Actually when i add VIP, it is not pinging from other machine in network having same subnet IP. I tried to setup route, NAT but nothing work. In Linux server we don't need to worry about above issue as assigned VIP ping from same series with in the network.

    Please suggest the steps to fix this.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "assigned multiple IPs to Linux gateway as Virtual IP on LAN ethernet (eth1:1, eth1:2 etc…)"

    So these were vlans you assigned?  Or your just running multiple layer 3 networks on the same layer 2?

  • Hello,

    We have a VLAN setup in network is we have multiple series setup in our network ans assigned to respective department.

    But if i need to add another series IP on same LAN in pfsense, how can we do it and how i can use that IP as gateway for respective series.

    For eg. i have setup IP on LAN and now  want to add IP on same LAN interface and wan to use as gateway for 10.10.10.x series in LAN.

    Right now internet is working fine when using as gateway for 192.168.19.x series.

  • Could you please help me here.

    I want to setup multiple IPs on pfsense to use those IPs as gateways for internal network.

    Like :- gateway would be for 192.168.17.x series. gateway for 10.10.1.x series. gateway for 172.16.17.x series.

    Is this possible to setup this kind of requirement here.

  • Hi there,

    yes I think it is possible.

    just create multiple vlan in interfaces/assign/vlan. Once your vlan created (ex: vlanA ( vlanB ( vlanC ( assign your vlan to your network card.

    with that in mind, you will need to set up your vlan in a switch to be sure the good computer get the right vlan.

    I hope that will help you

  • Hello,

    VLAn is already implemented in network using cisco. Can it achieved with Vitual IPs in pfsense.

  • If you don't do layer3 routing on your cisco just connect a trunk of tagged vlans to pfsense, configure the vlans on the parent physical interface and create one interface for every vlan. Assign ip according to your subnets.

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