Windows 10 + XboxOne Teredo can't set UPNP after 2.3.3

  • Before upgrading to 2.3.3 my Windows 10 and XboxOne both were able to UPNP open ports for thier Teredo service which used for multiplayer gaming via the Xbox Service.

    Since the upgrade neither have been able to, not much in the UPNP logs I do see a few "upnp_event_process_notify: connect( Operation timed out" btu that is a Windows system, nothing referencing the Xboxes.

    Anyone else having any UPNP issues? Especially with Windows / Xbox Teredo?

  • No problems with 2 XBoxes in my house.

    Do you have any security turned on? Maybe try toggling it on/off.

    I usually check my UPNP with a hard reboot of the xbox to be safe.

  • Well you gave me and idea, I did have these 2 rules, both have been in place a while:

    deny 0 1-65535 (Preventing any device from taking ALL external ports, including overriding other port forwards)
    deny 3074 3074 (there is a reason and xbox never had a problem before)

    I deleted both, of course UPNP restarted (which I had done before a few times manually).

    Then on the Windows 10 system restarted iphlpsvc (IP Helper) which is responsible for teredo and UPNP for it, and it registered its port fine, re added the rules restarted the service again, and again it registered it fine.

    Tested it a few times with and without the rules, seems to work either way now.

    No idea why that worked but it did. Thanks for the idea.

    Ill keep and eye and report if it stops working again.

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