How to assign public IPv4 Subnet to OPT?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to do the following on the pfSense box:

    1. Create VLAN 100 (Done)
    2. Add public IPv4 subnet to the VLAN 100. Host the /27 gateway ( on the pfSense, and send all traffic to the uplink/WAN.
    3. Add a DHCP for the range to hand out IP's to the OPT port on the pfSense.

    Currently, the network is like this:

    ISP ( <–> Switch ( <--> pfSense ( ------> Use the OPT port with public ips, and route it to the switch which is routed to the ISP.

    Our ISP has static routed a couple /24's to use, and I have made a smaller /27 out of one of them that I want to use on the pfSense and assign it to the OPT port doing the steps listed above. The Switch has a static route of to the ISP

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    what does the switches route have to do with anything?

    So are these /24 routed to you via transit??  I this public IP so these other /24's are routed to that IP..  Not attached?

    If that is case then just put the /?? whatever you want to subnet them to on your opt - you sure wouldn't be setting a gateway on that interface.  And yeah it will go out your.. Just make sure you disable natting of that interface since you have not use for it.

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