Block access to one server and port from "Site A" to "Site B"

  • I have a site to site VPN working very fine. I would like to block access to a server on "Site B" to all users on "Site A" on port 8080. What rule should I add?

    I have LAN/WAN/WAN2 (multi WAN) setup with VPN on WAN.


  • You cannot firewall the OpenVPN interface.

    But if you're using pfSense on both sides of the VPN tunnel you can define on the client side firewall-rules to disallow traffic with a destionation of the other side of the tunnel.

  • Thanks for the reply. But, the other site does not use PFSense yet and even then I will not be able to block ports on one particular server I guess, it has to be to the entire network.

    Thanks again,

  • How would you connect to the pfSense?
    Does each client install OpenVPN or do you have another firewall solution?

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