Service watchdog doesnt work?

  • Service watchdog package does not restart any service no matter what service it is openvpn miniupnp freeradius nut nothing it doesnt restart them. it worked before i dont understand whats going on now. my pfsense box is openvpn client to a connection that goes down alot I need service watchdog to bring it back up.

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    Service watchdog does not restart anything, it's not a service. Looks like you don't have cron running.

  • I do have cron running and installed and i can see the watchdogs crontab entry

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    No, not the Cron package. It's not any service either. The cron binary.

    ps ax | grep /usr/sbin/cron

    (And if you see the watchdog entry, the Service Watchdog package is working perfectly fine. That's all it does - create a script and add it to crontab.)

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