Kodi / Exodus not working as expected

  • Hello All!!

    A pfSense newcomer here. First, thanks for the efforts to create such an awesome, OPEN SOURCE, product!!!

    Here is my pre-pfSense setup -

    ISP Modem -> Apple Time Capsule (router with NAT) -> Wireless clients inc FireTVs, iOS, Apple TV, MacBook, etc.

    Here is my post-pfSense setup -

    ISP Modem -> Dell OptiPlex 740 running pfSense -> Apple Time Capsule (Bridge mode) -> Wireless clients inc FireTVs, iOS, Apple TV, MacBook, etc.

    My experience thus far has been great. Install, docs, etc. Performance is not an issue.

    Other streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, iTunes, network apps, etc) show no impact.

    Kodi / Exodus is 10-15 X slower and for the most part is now inoperable. When episodes are returned, the hosts / streams are useless 9 out of 10 times.

    What can I do to enable Kodi / Exodus to return to acceptable behavior / performace?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Have you updated Kodi / Exodus recently?  I don't use them yet, but I read something about Kodi / Exodus getting hacked (backdoor/bot net) and some developer changes with the project.  (A really good reason to have all these type of things segmented/isolated and with very tight firewall controls)

    Check your firewall logs for blocked items.  If safe to do so for a short period (unplug anything sensitive), put an allow anything out on the LAN (Turn on logging) to see if it solves the problem.

    Look at the traffic from the above.  Firewalls can be a bitch!

    I would bet that Kodi / Exodus uses some weird ports that need to be opened.

    All I can suggest…. hope it helps.

  • Kodi as a media player its self is awesome and doesn't need any ports opened. Its actually where Plex got all its original code from. Its when you start adding those sketchy 3rd party add ons like Exodus is when you get into issues. The Kodi group doesn't condone these btw.

    What you are experiencing is the standard behavior for the illegal add ons, their streams get shutdown constantly. If you want to use them you will have to deal with the cat and mouse.

    Using add ons like Exodus increases your attack surface drastically. Only a matter of time before something like Exodus gets hacked then everyone using it gets malware/hacked…

  • Kodi is Great but Those illegal addons are rubbish, I do not know why people bother

  • Thanks for the replies!

    I understand the position on Exodus, completely…. But.... it does contain content (legal / OTC orginally) that other streaming services don't have. Most recently we binge watched all seasons of Chicago PD on Exodus because Hulu and Netflix had a limited number of episodes / seasons.

    I think there is an oppurtunity for an online DVR to be built and populated with OTA content.

    Sorry, off topic a little.

    I will watch the firewall logs and see if I can tweak the rules. Again, thanks for the replies.

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