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  • Hi,

    Forgive me if I put this into the wrong section. Recently I obtained a Nokia IP530. It has a 20gig HD, 16Meg CF, 256Meg Ram, and 700Mhz p3 cpu.  How do I install pfsense on to this unit? I have read on various forums to use a console cable, but attempts with null modem cables get me no where.

    Thank you for your time.

  • I know the earlier units use a null-modem cable. I have an IP330 and was lucky enough to have a management cable from a Dell PowerConnect switch laying around that worked perfectly.

  • I've got PFSense running on an IP530. I had to install the embedded version to the CF card, and it worked great. I built a null modem cable using DB9 to RJ45 adapters. I can't get into the bios, but FreeBSD recognizes the cable and works great.

    I really wish I could boot to a hard drive so I could put in some add ons. I tried a MicroDrive with another firewall software, but it didn't work. Seemed for format and install, but wouldn't boot.
    -Tiger Nick

  • Has anyone figured out how to do a hard drive install with these? I was also thinking about putting some type of boot loader (such as grub or the BSD equivalent) on the CF card then making it boot that way. Anyone have other ideas about this?


  • I've heard rumors of someone putting the boot loader on the CF, and pointing to the HD to boot. I don't know enough about linux/freebsd to do anything like that at this point. I'd love to do it that way, though, even just to be able to upgrade it without pulling the CF card.
    Please post if you have any other info. These are GREAT machines, and perfect for PFSense.
    -Tiger Nick

  • I have two IP530's running pfSense 1.2.2 from the harddrive. I installed pfSense the following way onto the drive without having to use the CF card.

    • Take the drive and the CF card out of the IP530. The CF card is not needed any more, the ones from mine were only 8MB any way.
    • Hook the drive upto another computer.
    • Boot the pfSense live CD (configure the network settings just to let it boot, they will be re-done when it boots in the nokia).
    • Select option 99 after it has booted.
    • Install to the drive and select the embedded kernel at the end of the install.
    • ONLY put the harddrive back in.
    • Power on the nokia. pfSense will boot from the HD but when trying to mount the file system it will fail and show a command prompt.
    • Enter ufs:/dev/ad1s1a (I'm trying to recall from memory the exact device name. An example is shown, all you have to make sure of is that ad0 is replaced with ad1, this is because the CF is seen as ad0)
    • The system will then boot into pfSense, it will ask you for your network setup, enter all then info and let it boot to the menu.
    • Select option 8 - Shell
    • Edit /etc/fstab with VI and replace both instances of ad0 with ad1.
    • After you save the file you can reboot the machine and everything will boot automatically.

    Let me know if you run into any problems.


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