PPPoE server, freeradius attibutes

  • I want to setup PPPoE server in Pfsense for small ISP. The documentation for PPPoE server is very good. But there is no information about various freeradius attributes for setting speed limit etc. Please let me know the Freeradius attributes for PPPoE server in Pfsense.

  • No reply ??

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Not many people use that combination so there probably aren't going to be many people who know enough to reply here.

    The PPPoE server uses mpd, so how the RADIUS reply attributes are parsed is up to mpd. It would work the same as the old PPTP server used to once upon a time. Check the mpd documentation for hints.

  • Any downside in using such configuration ? If we can use PF sense as a PPPoE server also, then it will help us to avoid another thing (Box) as PPPoE server.

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