Divide the bandwith in half

  • Hi. Me and my neighbor are planning to combine the internet, ordering a faster line to cut the expences. I was thinking to have one interface for us and another to my neighbour, but then I need to devide the line, half of the bandwith to my neighbor and the rest to us. How is this done with the traffic shaper? If someone have a complete guide that would be great. I was also hoping to divide it by 50% rather than by a spesific bandwith that I assign, so that it's fear for both parts if the bandwith would rise or go down. The bandwith around here has a bad habbit of not deliviring the exact bandwith all the time.

  • Just create 2 queues that are childs of either qWANroot/qLANroot and setup only their realtime m2 parameter to 50%(literally).

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