IPv6 Filterlog missing details

  • Hi all, wondered if anyone else had seen this behaviour or whether I've got something missing config wise.

    I've got pfSense all setup and happy logging to elasticsearch through logstash with the usual set of grok patterns to break everything out into nice searchable logs. All seems to be working well apart from ICMPv6 entries don't send the full detail, they end after the source/destination addresses.

    Examples for an ICMPv6 entry:


    Whereas a v4 entry:


    As you can see the v6 entry is missing the ICMP type and further detail, where everything is reported for the v4. TCP/UDP on v6 seem to be working fine.

    I'm using the Hurricane Electric tunnel broker for my IPv6 connection through a gif tunnel but I don't think this should make any difference?

  • I would guess it's only because this is IPv6 encapsulated into IPv4 and some of the details just aren't immediately available until the traffic gets unwrapped by the gif tunnel driver.

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