Issues routing from new VLANs to WAN

  • Hi All,
    I'm new here and this is my first post - kind of a random one but maybe some of you know what may be going on.

    I cannot get traffic on VLANs that I set up to route out. Here is my configuration:

    WAN: DHCP (comcast)

    DCHP is off on LAN as I have a Win 2012R2 server running DHCP there, VLAN10 and VLAN20 are currently configured with DHCP servers running.

    I'm not at all worried about my tagging, as I've already gone through the testing and the DHCP leases are passing out well and as expected. On any device that receives a lease from VLAN10 or VLAN20, they can ping and speak with any device on LAN, VLAN10 or VLAN20, however when I attempt to contact outwards there is no response.

    I've run a tracert and it shows the following:

    Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:
    1    <1ms    <1ms    <1ms
    2    *          *          *            (times out)

    I understand here that there is a routing issue. I've googled the heck out of this, and I have not found anyone with this exact issue, it seems too simple for someone to have not run across it. How, I must ask, would I go about resolving this problem?

    P.S. - I have also created VLAN10/20 > any > any rules out, so I do not believe this to be a firewall-related issue, but who knows.

    Any advice or input on how to fix this will be much appreciated, hopefully someone here knows what I must be doing wrong.


  • I've determined the cause of the issue -

    I had my Outbound NAT set to MANUAL, set it to Automatic to allow outbound requests to generate rules automatically (thread I found the solution on is below)

    Sorry for taking up the space!

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