20 vlans on single ethernet

  • Hi

    i have 2 switches manageable (level 2) .
    I have set up 20 vlan on the switch .
    I want to make firewall rules between this vlan with pfsense via one single network card and via 19 virtual Interfaces .

    do you think the network card will get ?


    Proc:  core 2 duo e4500
    Ram : 1 Go DDR 2 .
    chip : Intel® Q35 Express Chipset with Intel® ICH9DO
    network card : Intel® PRO/1000 PT Desktop Adapter .

    thank you in advance

  • I'd try to minimise the VLANs if possible simply for ease of management. I have five - and that's enough to think about.

    I'd also suggest a better NIC - the one you suggest will work, but an Intel server adapter is recommended if possible. I'd also suggest using a PCI-Express NIC - the bandwidth between the board and the NIC is better that way (though check that you have a suitable slot on the motherboard with enough lanes).

  • As David already said, the network card should be server grade in your scenario, not a desktop adapter.

    If the PC running pfSense will be sufficient depends on the actual amount of traffic you need to push. And with (that many) VLANs on a single adapter you might easily saturate it.
    Remember that traffic between subnets/VLANs has to pass the NIC twice!

    And, as a hint, you only want to assign VLANs to the NIC. Don't mix it with an untagged subnet (you mentioned 19/20 VLANs).

  • Ok thanks we have bought a hp DL 120 G5 and 2 pci express intel 100/1000 server network cards for vlan, 10 vlan per network card .

    What do you think with this configuration ?

  • Still you are talking hardware only. Sorry, I don't get impressed easily…
    As mentioned earlier in this thread and elsewhere, what matters is the amount of traffic you want to push between subnets/ NICs. And you didn't give those numbers AFAIK!

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