NUT - Shutdown

  • I've installed pfsense 2.3.3 embedded on a Watchguard xtm 5.

    I've seen some file system corruption on dirty power offs so would like to have pfsense cleanly shutdown when my ups goes onto battery.

    I've installed the NUT package and configured it for 'Remote snmp'. All is well with the status page showing the correct UPS status. What I can't see is how to tell pfsense to shutdown when on battery.

    Do I need to configure shutdown or is that default behavior of the package?

    Many thanks.

  • You do not need to specifically configure it. pfSense will shutdown when the UPS sends the low battery signal. The runtime remaining or battery percentage remaining thresholds which trigger the low battery condition are often configurable on the UPS. The thresholds are usually reasonable, but you can also override them in NUT if needed.

  • Great - Many thanks for taking the time to reply