Best use of a Intel XL710-QDA1 on pfsense?

  • Hi,

    Last days i got my hands on a Intel XL710-QDA1 40 QSFP+ network adapter for my home network. In my home i got a pfsense router on an older 1U-appliance with an Operon processor, a own build FreeNAS fileserver and some other small appliances, and a workstation. My core switch is a Dell PowerConnect 5548 with 2 SFP+.

    What would be the best option for using the card for my network? If i put it in my pfsense-machine and buy a breakout cable, could i potentially use pfsense as a "switch" and let it handle SFP+ traffic from one machine to another? Or would i be best of buying another QSFP+ card and connect two machines directly? (like my workstation and the fileserver)

    Other suggestions?

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