Host can ping

  • But website are not loading. I have pfsense box has a 4 NIC card, nic1 to modem, nic2 lan, nic3 ( to ddrwrt router ( lan. Firewall rules on pfsense is allow everything under nic3.

    Host that connecte to ddwrt router lan, I can ping but website will not load.

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    what is the dd-wrt doing?  Is it natting, just an AP.  Where are your clients pointing for dns?

  • I think adding a permit rule to (this firewall itself) with TCP protocol, my laptops are able to get out to internet.

    On the pfsense that to be vlan2 and on the ddwrt WAN port to vlan2, made ddwrt to do ip helper to clients were able to get ip's, gw & dns and can get to internet no problem.

    I added a another sub interface on pfsense vlan3 and made WAN interface to be trunking on ddwrt to it could pass both vlan2 & vlan3, that works perfect. Do yo know how to add another ip helper for vlan3 in ddwrt?

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    What IP helper again? Configure the thing as dumb AP, do NOT connect anything to WAN. The forum for DD-WRT is

  • On the main page on my ddwrt router, it can send dhcp all request to pfsense and that what I did. I am thinking maybe just buy a cheap switch that is capable of tagging vlans rather than trying to firgure out ddwrt linksys router to do the trunking in WAN port.

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    That is a really good idea..  While dd-wrt depending on the hardware can do vlans..  Your going to be better off just buying a smart switch that does it - will be much easier to config and your sure it will work.  If I recall dd-wrt while has vlan support - depends on the actual hardware its running on.

    You can find a 8 gig smart switch for like $40 or under even.. They really are only a couple of $ more than dumb - I have seen sometime where smart is cheaper even ;)

    You can never go wrong buying a smart switch.. They really should just stop making dumb.. All switches should have min vlan support.  If you don't need vlans then you don't have to set them up and it works just like your typical dumb switch out of the box..

    I would then suggest also buying a AP that does vlans as well vs trying to leverage some wifi router running dd-wrt..  The unifi stuff can be be had for very reasonable home pricing..  The AC lite model is like $80..  The pro model AC model is like $140…  They have new mesh for like $99 and can even go with wave 2 AP.. but that is bit pricing currently at like $350..  But do you have any wave 2 devices??  Do you plan on getting any in the near future?

  • I had passion and so much interest learning networking that made me study cisco. Took me 3 years to get my CCNP R&S and I think I am going to get this switch from ebay.

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