Trouble configuring pfsense on AWS

  • I'm having a tough time getting a pfsense firewall configured correctly on AWS. I have a public subnet and private subnet configured on AWS and have attached the interfaces (eth0 & eth1 as outlined in I then threw up a generic Windows machine (ip address on the private subnet so that I could test basic connectivity (ping and RDP). I can't ping the Windows box from the pfsense LAN interface let alone is port forwarding on the WAN interface letting me RDP from the Internet. If someone could walk me through the basic connectivity issues I think I'd be able to work out the Port Forwarding issue. It's just something I'm not seeing.


    Well I got the basic config down (helps if the change source/destination check if selected, oh and there is a default route for the subnet), but now for the life of me I can't get the port forward for RDP configured. I have a throw away windows 2008 server running on my private subnet at that I've verified I can now ping. I have a port forward NAT redirect in place that is

    INT      Prot  Src  Src    Dest. Addr      Dest. Ports            NAT IP                NAT Ports
                        Addr Pt
    WAN > TCP > * > * > WAN address > 3389 (MS RDP) > > 3389 (MS RDP)

    It then automatically created the appropriate rule as well. When I go to check if the port is open though it's a no go. I guess it's possible the Windows instance isn't running RDP. I did just install it quickly from the AWS marketplace.

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