Wan Drops and doesn't come back online

  • Hello,

    I realise that this question has been asked many times before, however I am at the end of my tether as after reading many different topics around similar issue (some dating back from 2013) I do not know what to do.

    For some reason, every single time the ISP connection drops out, the status of the wan goes offline, and it remains such, even after the ISP comes back. For the status to come back online I need to manually release and renew the DHCP from the ISP.

    My ISP isn't particularly stable, and connection is lost every so often. Over the last 3 days, it has seemingly dropped connection overnight, and in the morning I've woken up to having no internet access on my WAN. This has happened consistently over the last few days.

    I login to the webUI, Status->Interfaces, Release/Renew, and everything comes back up.
    I do not want to have to keep doing this.

    Virgin Media Super Hub in Modem Mode
    pfSense 2.3.3-RELEASE (amd64) running on VMWare.

    I don't know which log files I should be looking at (for some reason the webUI's logs are more up to date than the ones I can get through shell (/var/log/)

    Any help is much obliged.

  • did some more looking arround.

    I've implemented the following.

    It looks like it will probably resolve the issue.

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