Traffic bursting

  • I have tried posting before, with little luck, I managed to have it work once, then it stopped right after.  Basically what I would like is to go through the shaper wizard, with a basic down/up, then edit the down queue to burst at full speed, or a desired speed, for a certain amount of time, then drop to a given speed, and to test it out, run a speedtest, and watch it drop.  What I'm uncertain about is to use either, real-time, or upperlimit?  Should I just be able to say, set the basic down/up parent pipe to say, 4096/512, then edit the down 4096 queue to upperlimit m1=whatever % of the total queue, for d=length of time, then after that time go to m2=desired speed after d= is done?

    Bandwidth=4096Kb, or 4Mb
    Upperlimit: m1= 100%, d= 4000 (4seconds), m2= 25%.

    Again, should I be using upperlimit or realtime?  Any help is soo much appreciated, thank you.

  • If anyone is interested…
    I ran through the wizard and got everything defaulted, for 4meg down, by 1meg up.  I edited the qlanRoot

    All upperlimit
    d=12000 (12Seconds)

    Turned on
    Random Early Detection
    Random Early Detection In and Out
    Explicit Congestion Notification
    This is a parent queue

    Roughly 1meg down for 12 seconds, then drop to 412 or so after.

    This way if you are limited for bandwidth on the wan side, each connection that is opened, will get whatever specified as m1, for d time, then get m2 after d time is up

  • People said not to use parent queues, but i just needed a box setup, edit the qlanRoot, so all ips use the same rule, quick easy setup.  Bittorrent can run with 1 torrent tested, and two youtube videos loading tested with.

  • Please do not duplicate posts as there is a search in tehre to help with this and i already explained it once.

    A good idea would be, for someone willing to help, to gather all QoS posts that matter and put them together in the wiki or here in a sticky post. The thread that has most info is the bounty for the shaper and some sticky in here. But some other posts with specific infos can be additionaliy be added.

    It would be really helpful, from doc side of this. If someone does this than it can be further extended to details with my input.


  • I would love to help with this if anyone is interested.  There's not really any documentation needed any more than what is already here really.  I was using the latest 1.2 stable release, set 4/1 down/up, and set all upperlimit on the download to
    d=12000 (12 seconds)

    Or whatever you'd like for the values, and checkmark
    *Random Early Detection
    *Random Early Detection In and Out
    *Explicit Congestion Notification
    *This is a parent queue

    I have a 1.72 P4 cpu, 1 gig ram, 35gb drive, and two 3COM NIC's, one for LAN, other for WAN.  I just wanted something simple, checkmark some things, and implement.  This seems to have done it.  I was missing the Random Early Detection, Random Early Detection In and Out, and Explicit Congestion Notification checkmarks, after that everything is working, and ha been running so far for 10 days, and 3.5 hours.  I connected it to a linksys wrt54g router with DD-WRT with dhcp relay set to point to the pfSense box, which is doing dhcp, and each client can connect and do whatever pretty much, and not have the WAN side go crazy with too much traffic.

    If you'd like i will find my old post, copy/paste this -> to that, and you can close this one, so no duplicates.

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