Wrong Traceroute Info

  • Hi Members,

    I am using pfsense 2.3.3.

    I am having Two internet lines "Line A" and "Line B"

    Behind the firewall there are may Desktops, Now the problem is when I set the "Desktop X" to use "Line A" and "Desktop Y" to use "Line B" and traceroute from both desktops, I see both desktops are showing me the info of "Line B" only i.e. they are showing the gateway ip of "Line B" in tranceroute.

    I am sure the firewall configuration is correct because when I use cmyip.com or whatismyip.com in webbrowser to ensure from which line the request is going, it shows me the correct IP address for each Desktop, i.e. For "Desktop X" it shows "Line A" and "Desktop Y" it shows "Line B".

    It means on traceroute command it gives me the wrong info. What could be the issue do I have to configure some extra parameter anywhere in config.


  • You will have some rules on LAN that match "Desktop X" and "Desktop Y" and specify a gateway. Maybe those rules only have protocol TCP selected. So they would not match ICMP ping and traceroute.

  • Hi phil.davis,

    Thanks for your help, you were right I have selected the TCP protocol only, when I changed it to Any it is working now.


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