• I had real problems with embedded running on compact flash.

    I'm now looking to move to full install but don't know if I should use a HDD or a SSD.

    Can anyone tell me the benefits and cons of both and what the consensus is for preferred media?

    Many thanks.

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    SSD. They're fast, new ones are reliable (if you buy from a reputable OEM), and they aren't spinning rust.

    The cost is coming down, a disk big enough to run a firewall on should be quite affordable. No need for TBs of space on a firewall, grab a 32-64GB or so SSD.

  • Thanks jimp.

    Are SSD any more prone to corruption than HDD. In testing I mangaged to corrupt my CF 6 times in 2 days.

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    That's UFS issue, won't be fixed by SSD or HDD or any other media.

  • I have been doing the same testing with a 3.5" HDD and have not had any such failures. I've been pulling the plug on the appliance all day and seen no fs corruption.

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    Use 2.4 w/ZFS for extra stability.

    You can mitigate some issues as well by seeking out an SSD with onboard power loss protection that ensures writes are all flushed, but it's not an absolute requirement.

    I have several systems here with mSATA SSDs and SATA SSDs, and we had several rounds of storms last night. Since most of them are test lab systems I don't have them on a very powerful UPS and they lost power a few times last night. This morning, everything is OK. Nothing failed. Why it affects certain people/builds and not others is still a bit of a mystery.

    But it isn't an SSD problem, typically. It could happen to any disk.

  • Thanks again.

    Any idea when 2.4 will be ready for a production environment?

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    For many/most people, any time now. Or now. But test it in a lab first. There are a few things left to fix/implement but the list is getting shorter every day and there isn't much major left to tackle, outside of maybe captive portal if you need accounting data from it.

  • Great - I'll run with 2.4 in the lab and see how I get on.

    Thanks again.

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