Is thIs a working idea?

  • Hello,


    We have an office with about 4 devices, which in order to connect to the internet have to use a web interface and type in username and password (like in hotels or public places).

    Would it be possible to build a PFSense router out of an old server that would do the following:

    • Utilise the same PCI-E Wifi card to connect to the Internet as well as share the connection with other WiFi users in the office? So that the Wifi network is saved in devices and doesn't require username/password entry for each session.

    • Connect to the Internet using a web interface not via username & password like PPPoE in the PFSense?

    We are currently using a Windows 10 machine to achieve the same task but would prefer to switch to PFSense and use Windows license elsewhere.

    Please help.

    Thank you!

  • I think it is highly possible, as in my office the IT department has made such connections which allows to use the wifi and we just need to input the username and password for once only. Will ask them about how they do it, give me a little time.