1.3 stable enough for home use?

  • I'm running 1.2.1 now in my home. My problem is i have two wan connections and recently switched over to voip for the whole house. OPT1 is a much faster line than WAN and the traffic shaping is limiting my opt1 connection. My understanding is that 1.3 solves this problem? I tried 1.3 about 2 months ago and nothing was working out. I just wanted to ask before i format and try 1.3 if anyone is using it at home fairly successfully? Thanks!

  • 1.3 is alpha alpha.
    If you want to run it at home you can.
    But i would not rely on it.

  • I've had no really major issues with 1.3 alpha.  If you are using it for home, give 1.3 a go.  I would suggest not doing a fullupdate and just reinstalling from scratch.  Be sure to backup rules and such.  If all fails, just go back to Release version.

  • Should be.

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