DynDNS with 2 ISP's

  • I have a question about implementing DynDNS with 2 ISP's. Basically, I have 2 WAN ports on separate ISP's and a LAN port.

    I would like to set-up an IPsec VPN (vpn.mycompany.com) that would fail-over between the ISP's in the event that one of them was out.

    How do I go about doing this?

    THX in advance!

  • Err DynDNS is for Dynamic DNS. You don't have Dynamic DNS - you have Dual or Simultaneous DNS. Two separate ISPs = two unique IP address.

    If DynDNS has an option for failover then you may be ok, but otherwise you may need two IPsec VPN configs for each WAN port/IP, and two configs per client (one for each IP). Unless the client has a failover option, that may work too.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Create a gateway group with the preferred connection as Tier 1 and the secondary connection as Tier 2. Tell the DynDNS configuration to use that gateway group.

    You also need to tell IPsec to use the same gateway group so when the primary goes down, the secondary is used..

  • Thanks.

    I originally chose "General" as this is a crossover topic - both DYN and multi-wan. My question is more about DYN, but your answer was spot-on! :)