Custom Packages on 2.3.3 - tinc 1.1

  • Hello:

    I am currently in the process of setting up my network to use tinc, but I am using tinc 1.1 while the pfsense package is on 1.0. I understand why this is, (1.1 is an "alpha" still) but it offers several new features that I would like to use.

    Is there a way I can create a one off package and load it on my pfsense box. I searched through the links in this thread but could not find any information on it. It appears that in previous versions there was a way to setup custom package repositories but this functionality has been removed from 2.3.3.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi, have you found any solution to your problem?

    I would like too to have tinc 1.1 and create a vpn of my boxes without having to manually install tinc on my boxes..
    Do you have any suggestion?

    thank you!

  • Unfortunately, no. After lots of brain bashing, I came to the conclusion that tinc and pfSense do not work well together at all, as tinc wants to handle all routing.

    An easy way to fix this would just be to have the tinc routing be its own separate network with its own routing and have an interface name assigned to it like openVPN does currently.

    I eventually went with openVPN as it was all I really needed and did not have any more time to spend troubleshooting tinc.

  • Too bad,
    thank you for the info!


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