Squid Proxy Out Going Address

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    I am using pfsense 2.3.3 latest release with squid proxyserver.

    As I am having two internet lines and I have configured the firewall to use the specific gateway for users, i.e. several users will go from "Line A" and several from "Line B", "Line A" is my default internet gateway.

    Problem No. 1

    When I use squid proxy server and go to the sites like cmyip.com whatismyip.com etc. it shows me the ip address of "Line A" only, let it the users go from any line it show me the ip address of "Line A" only.

    When I remove the proxy and check those sites then it will show me the correct IP address. But the traffic of the users will go according to rules of firewall, even in proxy, only it is not showing the correct outgoing IP address.

    Problem No.2

    How I can white list the ip address in squidguard URL filter, when I set Do-Not allow ip option in Groups it blocks all the ip address which is entered in browser, but there are sever site in my environment which works on static IP and I can't set the DNS records. I have tried to white list the IP address by adding them to Target Categories but that didn't help.

    Now please suggest What could be the solution for these problems?

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