Pfsense 1.2 install on Intel Server SR1530HSH problem - only 1 NIC detected

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to install pfsense 1.2 on an Intel server SR1530HSH with 2 NICs, detected as Intel 82541GI and an EtherExpress PRO/1000. Only one of these NICs is detected, leaving me hanging on the installation screen. Researching on the possible problems, I think the problem is with the 82566DM-2 controller, which is currently listed as problematic.

    I would like to know what I can do so that the pfsense installer can detect the two cards and let me install it on the intel server box. Can I just load drivers from intel during startup? If yes, how is this done?

  • A quick google suggests the 82566DM has troubles even with the latest FreeBSD (7.0). You are probably better off getting another NIC.

    If you have a VLAN capable switch and are prepared to use VLANS you can install with just a single interface and VLANs enabled on it.

  • Hi wallabybob,

    Thank you for the reply. I did try your suggestion and it got me past the configuration. Just a question though on it's performance. Do you have any idea how it would affect the throughput of the interface considering that its used for both incoming and outgoing connections?

    Another thing though, I tried installing freeBSD 7 on the box and it detected both cards. I got this idea from somebody somewhere here who suggested to try the latest 1.2.1 release(stable) because it's from freeBSD 7. I will also try this for the freeBSD 6.2 to see if it detects both cards.

  • If I recall correctly I saw a report that the 82566DM was recognised by FreeBSD 7 but didn't work properly: google FreeBSD 82566DM

    On throughput, I suspect your GigE interface will have more than enough to meet your needs for at least the next year or two. But I don't know how many T3 links you have to the Internet :-) Or, to put it another way, your configuration is probably far more capable than you would need for a home network connected to a single broadband link to the Internet and serving a few PCs. But I'm only guessing at you will be doing with the firewall.

  • I also installed FreeBSD 6.3 and it detects both cards using the em drivers. It works for both, I tried using the net on both interfaces and it works fine. I have read that pfsense 1.2.1 will be based on freebsd 7 or freebsd 6.3. If this card is not supported by the current version, I might as well wait for the next pfsense release. I already downloaded the latest betas of 1.2.1. I will try to install it tomorrow and see if it detects both cards as well.

    Regarding the throughput, I asked the question because this box will be handling traffic for an entire LAN of around 50+ users. I also plan to deploy one as a gateway router, handling our ISP bandwidth of 6Mbps while doing filtering, traffic shaping and IDS. Would this be too much to ask for the gigabit interface? :)

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