Mutiple SSID in 1 pfsense

  • hello guys, i need some suggestions, im noob here, so pls BEAR with me :)

    i got this wifi business, which uses pfsense vouchers ( using wavion 2400 antenna )

    and the ssid name lets say "business wifi" without a password which we knew that if they connect, it will ask for a voucher

    now, i want to set up an another ssid which should has a Password, but when i set it up, its the also redirecting to the page which needs voucher

    im somewhat new to pfsense, what do you guys recommend doing?

    im setting it up for me, so i can use my wifi without putting codes


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Is the wireless handled by an external access point on the local network?
    Or is a wireless card in the firewall?

    That would make a massive difference in if or how the goal can be achieved.