SSH GitSync

  • To use SSH for gitsync rather than the GIT protocol.

    1. Place the OpenSSH private key file in the /root/.ssh directory similar to this example and set permissions to either 0000 or 0400.  If permissions are too open it will be rejected.
    1. Create the file /root/.ssh/config with content similar to this example.
    # GitHub git/MYGIT account
        User git
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/MYGIT_OpenSSH_Private_Key
    1. SSH gitsync should now work with a playback command similar to this example.
    playback gitsync --minimal --diff --show-files --dry-run master

    This can also be used with a personal private git server to avoid running a git daemon that exposes the repos to the world.

    Replace "MYGIT" with user name.
    The "Host" is case sensitive.
    The "-git" suffix can be omitted from the host.  It is used in examples for clarity.
    If the user ID (git@) is omitted from the playback command URL, then the "User" ID specified in the config file will be used.