Internet Gateway Problem

  • I have my Xfinity modem connected to my pfsense box (SG-2220), and that box is connected to a linksys 308 managed switch feeding 3 vlans.  This setup has been running for 2 weeks with no problems, but yesterday we had a major power failure at the house.  I restarted all the equipment, DHCP seemed to work as expected and I had the expected connectivity among hosts on my VLANs, but no internet access.  Inspection of the pfSense Status->Gateways screen indicates that WANGW is Offline. Indeed, I cannot ping the gateway from any of the computers on the lan, nor from the pfSense Diagnostic->ping utility.

    Here's the interesting part.  If I plug my linux box directly into the cable modem and let it get its IP and Gateway, the gateway is UP (same IP as what pfSense had), it is pingable, and I get full internet connectivity.

    I've poked around a good bit, but haven't made any progress resolving this,  any ideas or help would be appreciated.