Host NOT reconnecting after WIFI lost

  • Hello,

    I've installed an onboard WIFI module (HLK-RM04) into my mower  :-) 
    It connects to one of my WIFI access point.

    It is configured with a fixed IP in pfsense in the DHCP section.

    When an unreachable WIFI zone is reached….it looses contact with the WIFI access point.
    The device is configured to automatically reconnect : no timeout

    Most often it simply never comes back.
    I was suspecting the WIFI module but I noticed that if I reboot the access's alive again.

    So, in the end, it is not (I think) a pfsense issue but more a WIFI related issue.
    In my understanding the device is always trying to get its WIFI link...but why does an access point reboot trigger that reconnection ?
    I tried this with 2 different access points.

    Tx for your attention :-)