2.3.3 Coexist webConfigurator & proxy.pac host

  • Hi community looking for some advice on how to allow the webConfigurator to live alongside a second nginx service to host a proxy.pac file.

    I’m familiar with how to enable WPAD with DNS & option 252 in DHCP I’ve got it setup and working on a raspberrypi however that system does not have a web interface to contend with on my pfsence box I’ve configured DNS & DHCP I’ve also followed this guide


    I know my proxy.pac is working as I can add it directly to a device on the network and it will work as expected however getting the web interface & this to live happily is proving a challenge ideally I’d like the WebConfigurator  to live on HTTPS protocol and either port 443 or a strange port like 123 I then want the second nginx web server to respond to the requests for the proxy pac file.

    I’ve spent some time experimenting changing settings in WebConfigurator  (/System / Advanced / Admin Access) and also over SSH editing confix.xml but I just can’t find a way to have both working I have managed to get the proxy pack working but that then kills the configurator so any advice would be great.