Configuration Help Needed for Issues

  • Hello,

    I'm here hoping someone can help me. I'm using on my pfsensebox pfBlockerNG DNSBL and PIA which is causing issues regarding DNS Resolver Server and DHCP Server.
    From my understanding, In order to prevent DNS leaks one needs to use their DNS Server Addresses and and for pfBlockerNG one needs to use the DNS Resolver Service with the default DNS Server IP e.g.

    My setup in order for PIA to work with no leaks is to use DHCP Static Mappings where I created a static mapping for all devices behind the firewall.
    This worked perfectly. My issue is with this setup pfBlockerNG DNSBL will not work. I do not recieve any log entries. With the help from the pfBlockerNG forum as soon I removed the DNS IP Addresses from the DHCP Static Mappings
    The DNSBL was working using the DNS Resolver and this was shown on the network adapter for the device where the default gateway was, DHCP Server Address was and DNS Server Address was

    I tried adding the PIA DNS addresses to the System / General Setup / DNS Server Settings and setting the DNS Resolver Enable Forwading Mode on but still recieved Leaks but pfBlockerNG DNSBL works.

    Is there a way I can resolve this issue having both working. My knowlege with all the possible options on the DNS and DHCP server config pages is minimal. So any help would be much appreciated

  • Sorry I know this is older but did you ever get this working?

  • Unfortunately I was not able to get both the DNSBL and PIA to work at the same time. At the moment I'm not using DNSBL.

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