I can't access PFsense in my browser

  • Hi. I've been nagging wildly in the irc server, but I really haven't gotten any answers that could help me so I'm trying here at the forum in stead.

    My old pfsense computer suddenly started to fight with me, without figuring out the problem I dessided to change the whole computer with a better one. This one also gave me alot of problems, error messages related to the harddrive during startup and errors during installing of pf to my harddrive. I tryed changing all of the components without any luck, but eventually after mixing with the IDE cables and setting the harddrive to slave and cd-rom to master I got PF to boot from the harddrive without any problems. So now both of my interfaces are assigned and pf seems kind of happy. But heres the problem. PF will not give the network IP adresses, we only get "limited or no connection". PF can't even be pinged, neither with static nor dynamic IP. I have assigned the PF LAN IP adress to, set the subnetmask bit count to 24, said yes about it acting like a DHCP server and set the IP range from to I've also tryed changing about all the cables in my network. So if someone could please help me out I'd be thrilled. It kind of breaks my heart using this boring regular 3COM router instead of PF :(

  • You reinstalled AFTER you resolved the hard drive problems? (Maybe the file copies during the install with hard drive problems didn't correctly copy.)

    On the pfSense box the LAN link is up and running?

  • Yes, I reinstalled after i resolved the hardware problems. I believe all the files where copied just fine, I had noe errors or anything during the install.

    The LAN link is up and running as far as I can tell. The NIC is glowing green, pf finds the interface and assignes it to ad1 or something.

  • "or something"  :-\

    You really need to be very specific as it stands to reason thousands of people can install pfsense and login to the web interface without error, there for the problem is with your hardware or you!

    If you want these good people to give up their time to help you at least clean up the bone before you throw it to them.

  • Sorry. The LAN interfaces is assigned to VR0, and WAN is assigned to VR1. AD1 was my harddrive.

  • Perhaps a wireing diagram might help. I have two interfaces, LAN and WAN. The wirering is simple, from my DSL model to WAN, from LAN to an 5 ports Gigabit switch that goes to four computers and a 8 ports 100mbit switch.

    I made another try at changing the NIC's and moving them around trying different PCI slots. Everything runs smoothly, both WAN and LAN have an IP adress it's just that my computers have no contact with pf. I've tryed different computers as well. I see now that the computers are getting an IP adress from PF though, and the gateway matches PF's LAN IP adress. Help  :'(

  • Reinstall to 1.2.1 fixed it. Thanks for all the help guys  ;D

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