Can't see hosts on DHCP

  • Hi!

    I have a problem. I can't see my host on the DHCP leases, but i don't understand why.
    My topology:
    ISO/MODEM ->pfsense router -> switch -> hosts (PCs, a router).

    I have a desktop PC which connected to the pfsense router across the switch. The DHCP divide an IP for my PC, but I have an other PC (Banana Pi) and the DHCP don't divide an IP. Why?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Check out the DHCP server log.
    When you hook up you banana, can you see the requests being generated ?
    The banana has a fixed IP setup (so it won't do a DHCP IP !) ?


    the DHCP don't divide an IP. Why?

    What d you mean by divide an IP ? IP can't be divided.